The Firststep in Dreampages

Today’s Quote              (24th Mar 17)


Achievement needs initiative “- We all know this simple rule. But still we wait for some miraculous reward to come and perch on our lap with some highly Fictional dreams. Whole world is getting ranked with Parameters like Unhappiness , Satisfaction , Violence and many more. That is a pity in itself.We dream of changing the world,Each of us daily.But when it comes to take the initiative we calm ourselves down for the sake of our career,our repute and social status. Come On..Its your World too.You’ll be an inhabitant too belonging the changed World. Even if it draws some time from your “extremely  Busy Career Schedule”,its worth doing something somewhere being in which ever stage and status of life you are. Social media comments and likes are not going to restrict The Corruption, Pollution , Terrorism , Child Labor and trafficking, Poverty etc ..These serious issues need us to get our hands dirty.We all want a treasure but no one wants a Voyage. The Waves and strikes may look threatening but eventually  we’ll explore and win The luxurious Treasure Island beyond the horizon somewhere. We all want a Changed World but no one shows courage. Take a step ahead and change something to good effects. Let’s not just get inspired by Quotes rather work on them and change them.


Directed by Heartbeat

The reflexes of little fights and the obviousness of its occurrence which leads to more closeness is defined above.

Faces opposing each other

Playing the lead,

Expressions supporting actor

Directed by heartbeat.

Those little fights 

And the following silent play,

The short and sweet upsets

Are always there to stay.

Surrender is self motivated

Some tears work for it,

Expressions supporting actor

Directed by heartbeat.

Toughness often edited

Failures get shared,

Badtimes feel designed

Immotionaly layered.

Touches transfer pain

smiles sign agreements,

Promises follow future

And efforts turn enjoyment.

Upsets turn laughter

Tears cry cheat,

Expressions supporting actor

Directed by heartbeat.

                                Written by

                                       Sagar Hota



Changing times.

Mind that treats life like it’s pet should be locked behind the bars.


Yes! When things like I wanna fly ,I wanna live on my own conditions,I would love to have my own identity and many more comes screaming out from heart. It’s the mind,the absolute overused brain that dominates with its so called calculative thoughts.Its same old procedure that we follow to tackle life Goals and maintain us as citizens of this country with its Golden History and imagining Diamond future with  Stinky present practices and valueless values.
   Can anyone answer for what good reasons an Youngster who is jealous of others enjoying there life should not feel the jealousy if he imagines himself there?

 Is there any replacement for happy life ? Should there be a restriction in choosing happier career than choosing the impressive and settled one? 

Answer will be “NO” (Diplomacy at its Best) .

We will dream about having greatlife,good money and fantasy future but when it comes to taking some Unprescribed and unknown way of life most of us follow mind and it’s order. U turn seems the safe option. Is this a trend that we follow being Indians?! No ! trends should expire and vision should magnify to make way for new trends with big picture. Career opportunities and income options are numerous. Let the Voice of the heart be heard and followed. That’s how Inspiration will replace jealousy.

From school to Corporate From scores to performance, there has been a strict culture of doing better than other. Why can’t we put an unconditional stop to our inherited psychology ?! If sports can be option for career then so be it. If Tattoo making, Lyrics writing , Photography, Psychiatrist or even farming can be our go to options for career and happy life. Then why Not? Why push ourselves back and live with a grudge of not making a result of which we follow the same set of rules. Let our children finish our unfinished goals. Though it’s not a story in some of the families but when we try and sum up those families they are somewhat negligible in numbers in India. We may say they are the One who create the jealousy. 

  1. If the trend of discussing politics and cricket with little bit of Bollywood Gossips continues for another decade or so, Then even 10G won’t work to modernize our lifestyle. As then also the most searched things will be Relating to Cricket, Politics, Bollywood and somehow IIT entrances.
  2. If we stick to the Government Jobs for pension plans then Half of privatization will happen in other parts of globe leaving India behind with it’s quotas and protests.
  3. It’s the population of youth that India boasts around the world that has to mark the popularity of being varsatile. All trades should have expertise and a number of passionate people doing them.
  4. Corrupted people should be filtered rather than followed in political agendas. Shame should not be familiar and forgettable. When we donate it should turn into productivity , when we pay it should comeback as a service and facility.Votes and Power should not be utilized for hot seat with currency cushion rather making the representative more desirable of changing things around. Political science in the college shouldn’t be the weakest among student critic. Best in d business should be the Leader rather than powerful in d business.
  5. Teaching the teachers How to teach! Should be on highest focus. Where developed countries have the highest wages for teaching staff we have them for Teacher’s day. They should be trained and payed well to create more of well trained cadets before facing real world to perform with confidence and clear ideas. Indian Teacher should be reminded of the legacy of Dronacharyas and Chanakyas rather than being appointed as head chefs of classy and most productive pressure cookers as they (Cooked Students) say.
  6. Families should discuss more about values of  practical living than that of the traditional way of career hierarchy. If a child is more focused towards sports then he should get a practical support with utmost reality of encouragement. Sportsmen have more endorsements than Doctors and engineers for god sake.
  7. Strengthening the left out. The most ignored part of our development process, while the talking point is listening to the heart for life then why ignore the Old mass as a human resource. The Not-so Young parents and others who haven’t been proved productive for the country’s economy can be trained and transformed into more useful resources with experience. Focus should be distributive not titled or linear.

   So rather than being stubborn about my life,the mantra should be Only life.From government to Families, From minister to fathers it lies in our hand to make change create inspiring country we don’t have to do a lot of changes , its just that we don’t dare or care to be rare. We are amongst the crowd that is lost. We ask a lot from life but treat it with absolute stubborn mind. Beautiful world will admire us only if we change with the Time and look upgraded and updated.

        Change starts From Us. From Me.


If heart had a Pen !

Inside of us where it silently resides

suffocated by fumes of hatred and lies
it melts in façades we wear and dies
the world ignores its ghostlike voice
at its grave grew a rotten rose
if it could write what it wants the most

the hands of men wrote themselves verses of solace
the lame heart can’t write down its conscience
with humility it gives out its reason
poor heart that always long to be true
but it can’t write so we paint it blue

if the heart had magical hands of an artist
if it had the colors to portrait its protest
i wish it that as i rythm my sighs
i’m lucky that my pen sings even when am quiet
but one day i’ll hand my own heart a pen
let it write the psalm of its pain.

                      Inked by  Sagar

Poverty in poetry

Poverty in poetry.

My poor mind. My poor heart.
Spilling bloody ink on paper.
Poems are merely songs with no music.
Imagine that;
Even after all these years
Beating and beating
The rhythm of my heart
Can’t make music.
Soulless sounds.
Solo and sound.

Poverty in poetry.
My poor prayers. My poor dreams.
I cashed them in
For peace.
Sent them away
Into the universe
So I can get some sleep.
Dreamer child awaken!
All dreams are valid.
Dreamer child wake up!

Poverty in poetry.
My poor self. My poor lover.
Imagine the beauty
After the war;
The stars
Once the clouds clear.
Smoke is settling.
At last, clarity.

Poverty in poetry.
My poor friend. Poor me.
I wrote everything I’m worth.
I write what I have.
This is all I have
A writing hand
An unwritten mind
Read it in and out of love.
Read it and remember.
Sing it and deliver.

life 2.0

Every time You get sharp..

You lose something.

Everything you shape

You erase something.

The roast that brings taste

Burns the flesh to scars.

The coast that decides fate

Are reached following stars.

Fortune is Omnipresent 

Luck made it Endangered.

Our Vision turned lame

limping with fate we strangled.

Donations were calculated 

Help became Karma.

Ledger maintained for it

Humanity turned Dharma.

Education became mathematics

Music turned entertainment.

Technology became doctor

Ayurveda turned saint.

Wheel of life rolled across

Witnessed steeps and slope,

Failed inspiring the weak

To never lose ” hope”.

Interest became toll on life

Capital are unused.

Push Your limits became mantra

Leaving the Life Confused.

Achievements got registered

Souls turned Hardworking.

Winning became passion

Money gave the backing.

Normals converted ignored

Separation they fought

Specialty brings success in life

Repeatedly they taught.

Struggled, they form own world

With people different from smart.

Hater and Hippocrates they turned

Bullets and blood they Bart.

Life was delivered so precious

From a noble task of God,

Life scared god to the Core

Struck a string of broken Chord.

God realised the Human trial

Soon Initiates the error fixing.

He let the life lose the evil

Greed and Hate started erasing.

Because ;

Every time you get sharp

You loose something

Everything you shape

You erase something .

Inked by: Sagar Hota

Let There be Love

And now you ask

what is your message

your verse and poetry

it is a rainbow

of song and dance

a symphony of love

poetry, rhythm, music …

of pine trees

and the deep, deep sea


that will dance


into dreams

to remind us

of glorious morning

and of promise and hope.

Kaleidoscopic visions

and music of

ten thousand violins

to capture

the magic and beautyold-is-gold-love-586x293

of a dazzling night sky

of the works of Creation



the poet sings

a song of love and passion

Let there be love …