Today’s Quote              (24th Mar 17)


Achievement needs initiative “- We all know this simple rule. But still we wait for some miraculous reward to come and perch on our lap with some highly Fictional dreams. Whole world is getting ranked with Parameters like Unhappiness , Satisfaction , Violence and many more. That is a pity in itself.We dream of changing the world,Each of us daily.But when it comes to take the initiative we calm ourselves down for the sake of our career,our repute and social status. Come On..Its your World too.You’ll be an inhabitant too belonging the changed World. Even if it draws some time from your “extremely  Busy Career Schedule”,its worth doing something somewhere being in which ever stage and status of life you are. Social media comments and likes are not going to restrict The Corruption, Pollution , Terrorism , Child Labor and trafficking, Poverty etc ..These serious issues need us to get our hands dirty.We all want a treasure but no one wants a Voyage. The Waves and strikes may look threatening but eventually  we’ll explore and win The luxurious Treasure Island beyond the horizon somewhere. We all want a Changed World but no one shows courage. Take a step ahead and change something to good effects. Let’s not just get inspired by Quotes rather work on them and change them.


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