life 2.0

Every time You get sharp..

You lose something.

Everything you shape

You erase something.

The roast that brings taste

Burns the flesh to scars.

The coast that decides fate

Are reached following stars.

Fortune is Omnipresent 

Luck made it Endangered.

Our Vision turned lame

limping with fate we strangled.

Donations were calculated 

Help became Karma.

Ledger maintained for it

Humanity turned Dharma.

Education became mathematics

Music turned entertainment.

Technology became doctor

Ayurveda turned saint.

Wheel of life rolled across

Witnessed steeps and slope,

Failed inspiring the weak

To never lose ” hope”.

Interest became toll on life

Capital are unused.

Push Your limits became mantra

Leaving the Life Confused.

Achievements got registered

Souls turned Hardworking.

Winning became passion

Money gave the backing.

Normals converted ignored

Separation they fought

Specialty brings success in life

Repeatedly they taught.

Struggled, they form own world

With people different from smart.

Hater and Hippocrates they turned

Bullets and blood they Bart.

Life was delivered so precious

From a noble task of God,

Life scared god to the Core

Struck a string of broken Chord.

God realised the Human trial

Soon Initiates the error fixing.

He let the life lose the evil

Greed and Hate started erasing.

Because ;

Every time you get sharp

You loose something

Everything you shape

You erase something .

Inked by: Sagar Hota


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