Woman – The Manmaker. The worldmaker

Now I have everything.
Now I’m a grown-up.
I have opportunities out in the world to get all sorts of medals and achieve all that I want,there is hardly any barrier.
        Now i’ll get all that will make me successful..few years later I would be called a Man with superlatives available. I would boast of being self made.
A big big “?” awaits next…..
              How I became me?
They say God has narrated the Globe and The universe and Earth he choosen to fill up with some wise looking creatures and with most balanced assembly than all his creation ….”Human Being”..


       The greatest creation of that Almighty…-Human bisected itself as Man and woman with certain variables…As per God as they say women he created to create and repeat what he has made as blueprint. Man calls it “The Reproduction”- seems so technical.
         Ok let’s make it simpler …
God created Human for once …now he can’t keep repeating the production of wise humans again and again in daily basis…even he would have to have some limits….so he Gave that impossible looking task to The Human… And the braver of them selected to do so was ” Woman”.
    …so in my words..
My parents met. And when they Mated…. They became my parents and I became an tiny addition to the army of gods best ever creation..Thanks to God and His real sense of Biological Coding Skills..but has he made me the “Me” I am now??? A preplanned me?? Seriously??
     Did this world have enough of evidence and reference to prove my reason is God more than my Mom..!??
       With a bone wrecking pain and a toll of carrying the greatest creation of God for almost a semester and half inside her womb ,she stayed happy despite all the pain.


   She was fighting with the variety of physical changes during her pregnancy like a dedicated soldier.
She endured beyond her capacity.
                      2years before ,she was an independent soul living her life with her own terms,her goals were different, she wanted to learn something, some trades, some new visions she had,life she had yet to enjoy in her own way , she would have wanted a little more pamper from her parents.
She was a nice ,cheerful adolescent girl who was waiting for her 20’s to come with welcome hand.. But she didn’t realise that she didn’t have to wait for it because she ain’t gonna experience the breeze of 20’s in her dreamland with all comforts in the lap of the Nature. She didn’t have to wait reason was pretty simple and strong for her, She got to marry a guy who is lesser known more self defined. She is alerted by the family that you have done enough for yourself and so do we. Now you have contribute in God’s Biological Development Chain. A pink slip is handed over to her with a subject line of treasure your Dreams and through them into the whirpool of Woman’s fate.
She had no guts to ask neither she had the time to calculate the amount of confusion she’s been injected with.


     Had she even realised the climax of her living as a spinster? No.. She just protested a bit being ignorant, she got upset over the new role she has to play,she denied bt everyone knew she was breakable ..and so did happen.
She followed the rules and signs shown on her fath exit from her parents to a brand new life…she cried to her limit recalling the moment she had spent being a daughter,being a sister in an Indian family ..emotionally she was bonded bt at the end of the day her tears were only a ritual to be followed ..she swallowed all the sourness to bring out a miraculous fake smile up ahead in her new life where she would be judged like a fresher now a days awaits for appraisal.. Pity bt she didn’t have any increment to move ahead in her new role. Still she endured because back in her parents house everyone cried but no one stopped her from leaving. She knew she has to adapt the new habitat. Because she was breakable.
      She then lived a different life killing the young energetic girl inside with an undefined overcoat of Married lady and the so called Goddess of good luck to the House and it’s inhabitants. She had very little time to realise and she became mother before she could have turned 20. So 20’s was hardly a milestone for her to welcome. She now dreamt of having a kid whom she would pamper all day and make him achieve what she couldn’t. She is the Mother. She defines herself with all she can do to elaborate her description.
She brought me to this world.
She fed me from her body,
She kept me in her womb,
She laughed at my smile,
She cleaned me ,
She cried at my pain
She rub my back when I fainted,
She allowed me to come out and see the world tearing her womb.
Is nt it enough of evidence to prove and stamp the authority of my reality is because of my mom??
For me I have my 
Experience of Women as special as my Mom…
     And all the Mother in this world are special…




If she can outplay God with her only role as a mother then her being A daughter and killed before she witness lights will make her martyr.
If she can outnumber the positive Traits of Man with her only role as a mother then her being A wife and get her recessive at every stage will make her a role model to every success.
If she can make the miracle of nature executed via her as a mother then her being A God to her son is not an exaggeration.
        The world Thanx in the feet of Women for playing an vital part in making the world of human race a kind and curious entity to exist in nature.

      Women’s Day continues…




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