A brain that runs without required supplies.. A burdensome head above  responsible shoulders ..
A dreamy pair of eyes with support of broken spectacles..A leg with a
Tiresome bone and a empty stomach to Carry on the following day… Sometimes wid sky as a roof..
   Isn’t it The Biography of the poor in this country..each of them..

What do we think??
Do they Belong to the so called social category system of under privileged..or tribes or lower class ..??? Oh really???
We are happy about make in India.
Our governments loves endorsing its schemes at international podiums.. But have we done the homework yet…???
We have choosen people amongst us … We have created a margin..we have pushed them so down in d social level of living life that now it turns out to be the reason of many a rebellion acts around the country..
          Literature and culture we boast when we talk in greatness about country… But we run literacy campaigns and we persuade kids with midday meals to open books..

We simply ignore poor till now.
This country has poor beyond stats..
From traffics to stations..from slums to temples..they are everywhere.. They are omnipresent.. And used..
They are like earthworms ..they exist but under everything..they contribute the most but they never gets the wages..

They are not born poor they just live poor in a country of poor hearted rich democrats..  Where Money rules ..and people earn to own maximum and let poor get minimum…
That is why Bill gates the richest guy who donates for people in India… Not in America..
He choose poor India.
Poor should not b a habit..
It should be a Epidemic
We should not make changes we should cut down the wrong..



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