I love you

A sentence that’s as powerful as GOD.
It means a database of emotional varieties. A Communication between two individuals where this particular assembly of words make them special and connected.
            Thousands of scripts had been penned down by number of wise men in this globe from Ancient ages till today. From legends of Adam & Eve to Romeo & Juliet ,From Paris to Rome, From plays to pages “LOVE” has been the most considered topic to assemble thoughts.
           ”  I love you ” the cutest sentence in the world of expressions
Often gets limited with loops and strings.


This is what Internet (wikipedia) says:

       “Love” is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection (“I love my mother”) to pleasure (“I loved that meal”). It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment.

This is what I say:
       Love is a never dying attitude that lives even after you die.
Love goes through only one feeling i.e to take care of someone or something that u think belongs to you. If not then its “affection.”
            “ I love you “is word of surrender yet courageous      enough which prohibits rage,anger & toughness from you.
It makes you go crazy about your feelings whether it is for one’s  kids,spouse or parents or beloved or pet or nature or work.
      When they say,” they love listening to music “it means they admire most parts of it..they find pleasure out of it. They point out the flaws, they sometime have a genre to like. They have protested wrong reviews about their loved music,they have their extra time for music always. So its like taking in something and giving all of u have that always with you.

     But love has a beautiful side that’s being Romantic. Oh yes..
This world has seen and heard enough of it to easily make it the most common and popular side of love. Romanticism may have a bounty full defining history,but it is just another word to describe the most powerful emotion into a given sense. Its not Romantic when it is physically adorable or qualitatively 100/100.No it isn’t. If it’s only physical factors that attracts love towards you then how would someone define this romance in love?




Neither Its just the spark that you feel one fine day and you start fueling your caravan of love without giving it a thought and love madly and then you marry and enjoy life. Is it love ??
       Now that was above only a brief of normal life, but when you say I Love You : it should stay as I love you even if you find it hard. Naahhh..No let’s go for plan C. Love is tough yet so simple.

It is when you think that you are receiving some fantastic vibrations for and from the other individual in every aspect in every situation and you find enough pain in his eyes when you are in tears. It is when you feel like sharing all your likes dislikes, good n bad days, strength and weaknesses to a person who equally do all these,then its ” I LoVe You” time.
            Its not about building a Taj for your beloved to boast yor love.
Its about limitless fun with your love and partnership of nice and soar days with an individual. Its about being paired. Its about the touch of cuteness that you add to your love when you miss the other one while holding his/her finger on a walk.


The generation these days find love a bit boring while most of them unknowingly search for real love.. but that’s the best part ,Love that
is real it always comes to you when have the knowledge of its incoming. Its the longest and shortest emotional state of human being. And with this we can make a life out of it. But we have to know it and search for it , earn it and live with it.
Because :

Life without love,is no life at all” – Leonardo Da Vinci




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